The following basic principles and rules are practiced in my Kingdom:

(Sure, with clear mindset and mutual consent.)

We play only if you follow my rules.

1.  Hygiene and cleanliness

2. Intimate contact is excluded

3. You behave like a gentleman near me


• Classical education
• Flagellation variant rich
• Toilet education NS
• Detention scenarios
• Clinic
• Role-playing games
• Slave training courses
• Community education
• Foot, nylon, and shoe erotic
• Bondage
• Pet Play
• Long-term education
• Feminizations / TV
• Leather & Latex
• Tease and Denial

Other on request

• GV
• KV
• Vomit
• unsafe practices
• permanent physical damage

You have to accept and respect these rules.  I will of course also respect your taboos!